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Commercial Property Loans Australia

Commercial Loans (From 5% Per Annum and Up to 75% LVR)

Commercial loans benefit many businesses in Australia. Most of the time, they are utilised to help corporations and business owners when purchasing a property. They also aid in restructuring their debt against commercial properties that have the ability to produce income.

Quantum Capital Australia realises the increasing need for commercial loans in the country. The housing debt to income ratio continues to rise in Australia.

Nevertheless, demand is high from commercial tenants, which may be why you would like to include commercial properties to your investment portfolio.

The beauty of commercial loans is that they provide huge capital for businesses from different industries. You can be from retail, hospitality, or even working with apartments and townhouses. You can benefit from a commercial property loan.

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Commercial property loans

Business or commercial loans have become a challenge to acquire, especially compared to the past. One reason is that the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has imposed several regulations that restrict banks and lenders on the amount they can provide to businesses.

However, these limitations no longer have to stop you from getting the financial help you need. Quantum Capital Australia is here, whether you wish to expand, purchase new equipment, or launch a product. It does not matter what the purpose is because we make it our goal to assist businesses of different sizes.

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Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Commercial property loans are among our specialties at Quantum Capital Australia. No matter what size your business may be – big or small – you will require a commercial property loan at least once during the life of your company.

Most often, the problem with commercial property loans with traditional lenders is that there is too much documentation required. If your company is just starting out, you may not be able to fulfil the requirements laid out.

You need funds to further your business. Unfortunately, banks are not always willing to provide the financial help you require. It is a common issue, not just in Australia but in many parts of the world.

The team at Quantum Capital Australia are here to give you expert financial advice and commercial lending solutions. We have more than a decade of experience in the industry, meaning we can advise and recommend the very best financial solution for your business.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals
Our team at Quantum Capital Australia can help

Develop Your Business Faster with Quantum Capital Australia

Additionally, the terms for the loan are typically long, giving you about 17 years or more for the repayment. It gives you a lot of time to pay for the debt while you continue to grow your business.

A commercial property loan can start anywhere from $50,000 to several millions of dollars. As leading commercial finance brokers, we have access to lenders who are willing to lend huge amounts of money so you can fund your commercial property investment.

We can help you get as much as 75% LVR with terms of 15 years or more, depending on certain conditions.

Even better, our interest rates are much lower than the competition. We can provide funding on a range of commercial projects, with interest rates starting from five per cent per annum.

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