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Do You Need Help in Acquiring Construction Loans in Australia?

The construction industry in the country continues to grow. It now comprises 8% of Australia’s GDP, making it the biggest industry that is non-service related. The economy receives more than $130 billion from its contribution alone. With such numbers, it is not surprising that an increase in investment in this sector is imminent, given the size, efficiency, and value of the construction industry.

However, this sector is also where many businesses end up having debts that they cannot quickly pay back. If you need more funds for your upcoming construction project, you are in the right place.

Quantum Capital understands that the construction stage is crucial to the development of your business and its growth. Therefore, funding is required more than ever. You want a lender that you can trust. We understand how crucial the right type of funding is, and we will work alongside you to structure a unique package for your circumstances. With many lenders, investors, and wealthy groups that are willing to fund construction projects in Australia.

Developer finance
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Get Access to the Development Capital You Need

Get Access to the Development Capital You Need

Quantum Capital is the private lending specialist you should work with. We have extensive experience in the industry, especially in structuring developer finance for commercial, industrial, office, retail and other types of facilities. We can help provide the right loan and solution without stress, so you can access the funds you need without the stress.

We aim to provide efficient funding and communication. Therefore, you can expect to get an answer as to whether or not you can get the funding you need right away. In any construction project, time is of the essence. You do not want to waste time waiting for the next investor to aid you in getting the money you need for your building.

More Reasons to Choose Quantum Capital

At Quantum Capital, our interest rates are attractive. We strive to keep the rates and fees low so you can focus more on your construction work.

Due to our experience in the industry, we are able to tailor our offers to meet our clients’ individual needs. It is why we provide a wealth of options for those that require developer financing, such as:

  • Private investor funded (no presale)
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Preferred equity
  • Land bank
  • Land subdivisions
  • Incomplete projects
  • Commercial property loans
  • Residual stock finance

Compare us with any non-bank lending specialist and you will certainly see the difference. It is no wonder why Quantum Capital is deemed the best in delivering funding assistance for various development project requirements.

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