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We understand that the construction stage is crucial to the development of your business and its growth. With the construction industry expected to grow at an AAGR of 3% from 2023-2027, development finance is required more than ever. 

You want a lender that you can trust. We understand how crucial the right type of funding is, and we will work alongside you to structure a unique package for your circumstances to help you achieve your goals and drive your business growth.

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Leverage your capital with Mezzanine Loans to secure development finance

How to Finance Property Development in Australia

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

  1. Equity Investment: Property developers often start by injecting their own funds into the project. 

  2. Bank or Private Lender Loan: Developers can approach banks or private financial institutions to secure loans for the project. Banks and private lenders will assess the developer’s financial strength, track record, and the viability of the project before approving the loan, but private lenders have much faster approval times. 

  3. Construction Loans: Developers may need construction loans to cover the costs of building the property. These loans are typically drawn down in stages as construction progresses.

  4. Mezzanine Finance: In some cases, developers might seek mezzanine financing, which is a type of hybrid debt-equity funding, to fill the gap between the equity invested and the primary bank loan.

  5. Joint Ventures: Property developers can form joint ventures with other developers or investors to pool resources and share risks and rewards.

  6. Private Investors: Some developers might seek funding from private investors or venture capitalists who are interested in real estate development projects.

  7. Government Grants and Incentives: Depending on the nature of the development (e.g. affordable housing), there may be government grants or incentives available to support the project.

  8. Pre-sales: For residential projects, developers may secure pre-sales (off-the-plan sales) to demonstrate market demand and use these sales to obtain finance.

  9. Development Finance Companies: There are specialised institutions, such as Quantum Capital, that offer funding tailored to the needs of property developers.

Why choose us?

When you choose a finance partner, you want to find someone with the notches in their belt to back up their expertise. We have extensive experience in the industry, especially in structuring developer finance for commercial, industrial, office, retail and other types of facilities, and can tailor your loan solution to your needs so you can access the funds you require without the stress.

We aim to provide efficient funding and communication. Therefore, you can expect to get an answer as to whether or not you can get the funding you need right away. In any construction project, time is of the essence. You do not want to waste time waiting for the next investor to aid you in getting the money you need for your building.

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Case Studies

Our collection of case studies provides insight into the numerous services we offer to our clients. Our connections to private lending sources allow Quantum Capital Australia to match lenders and clients efficiently with the best terms possible.
Case Study

Case Study #1

  • Land acquisition and subdivision funding
  • Located in Southern River
  • Amount = $2,700,000

Investment Details




8.45% per annum


2 years

Case Study

Case Study #2

  • Refinance of existing private loan to better terms
  • Located in South Perth
  • Amount = $5,500,000

Investment Details




8.90% per annum


1 year

Case Study

Case Study #3

  • Construction of 6 townhouses
  • Located in Mount Pleasant, WA
  • Amount = $9,000,000

Investment Details




8.75% per annum


2 years

Case Study

Case Study #4

  • Purchase of residential house in a company name
  • Located in Dalkeith, WA
  • Amount = $4,000,000

Investment Details




7% per annum


3 years

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Property Development Finance FAQs

Development finance is a term for loans used to fund commercial or residential development projects, typically short-term (6-24 months).

The Australian government can provide finance for developments through sovereign and non-sovereign mechanisms, such as grants, loans, and guarantees.

Co-investment involves sharing the risk and reward of a development project with private investors, while structured financing involves creating a customised financing package to meet the specific needs of a project.

Blended finance is the strategic use of development finance for the mobilisation of additional finance towards sustainable development in developing countries. It is used to leverage private sector investment and reduce risk.

Development loans in Australia are typically short-term, ranging from 6-24 months.

The process for applying for a development loan in Australia involves submitting a detailed application that includes an executive summary, site description, zoning, design concept, costings, feasibility study, projected sales figures, net result, and timelines.

Common challenges in securing development finance in Australia include meeting lending criteria, demonstrating the viability of the project, and providing detailed financial projections.

DFIs can help mobilize private finance for development, develop local financial markets, and alleviate financing constraints for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Structured financing can help de-risk development projects by creating a customized financing package that meets the specific needs of the project, reducing the risk for investors.

The Development Finance Review is an examination of existing sovereign and non-sovereign mechanisms used by the Australian government to mobilise development finance. It is important because it can identify areas for improvement and inform future policy decisions.

Development loans can contribute to economic growth and social impact in Australia by supporting the development of infrastructure, affordable housing, and small and medium-sized enterprises, which can create jobs and improve living standards.

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