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How We Can Help You

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Did the big banks say no to your application while second-tier lenders struggle don’t offer products that meet your requirements? Private lending is the most viable option for you. Welcome to a company who specialises in just that.

Quantum Capital Australia is the trusted name in private lending. We have built our reputation from the ground up to ensure all our customers reach their financial goals.

As the private lending space in Australia continues to boom, our company has become the top choice of borrowers searching for short to medium-term financing. With decades of experience, we bring together a trusted team dedicated to serving customers.

Our expertise lies in the knowledge that we have acquired throughout our years in the industry. It’s why we take pride in our ability to move fast, giving our customers the best options for financing to suit their individual needs.

No matter what sized construction or business, Quantum Capital can provide you with access to different types of loans, including:

  • Development Finance
  • Commercial Property Loans
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Caveat Loans
  • Bridging Loans

We typically offer short-term financing with a loan term period of up to 24 months. Some customers can qualify for a longer extension, which makes our loan terms more flexible than others.

Quantum Capital Australia can assist you
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Bridging the Gap in Loans and Service

To provide an efficient service that genuinely helps Australians who need financing for their businesses or investments, we offer the following:
  • Complete transparency from start to finish
  • Rapid response to queries
  • Pre-approval within a few hours
  • Flexible options based on your commercial or development project
  • Loan assessments completed on the same day of application
  • Quick legal document issuance and loan settlement – usually within 48 hours
  • Solution-driven, rather than sales to give the best rate possible
  • A connection to credible lenders and leaders in the finance industry

Here at Quantum Capital, we support our team so they have the resources to facilitate the right solution for you in a timely manner. Many other private lenders act as a middle man with poor connections and have limited support, generating a dependency risk for you as a customer.

Quantum Capital works as a leveraged team, financially accredited with support and assistance. This approach ensures a high level of service, allowing your loan to be processed quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

When you deal with us, you deal with real professionals. Others may claim to be experts without tertiary education. Our staff is made of tertiary-qualified individuals specialising in both personal and commercial finance.

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Urgent Finance With Your Goals at Heart

What we focus more on are other aspects to help you achieve your goals:

  • Understanding your requirements and financial issues
  • Working with you to develop a strategy
  • Identifying the suitable lenders that can provide solutions depending on your financial challenges
  • Negotiating rates for you

We never just focus on the lowest rates or products that we have already worked with in the past. We base our offerings on your situation. 

No customer scenario is deemed too complex. We thrive in providing options for cases that others think are not worth their time. Through our experience, we have learned how to help solve niche scenarios. Using sufficient data and research, we perform a rigorous evaluation, which will allow you to find the best solution to your financial difficulty.

Because our team is well-versed in broking, we never resort to the “try our luck” tactic. It means that we submit your loan with the knowledge of a high chance you will get approved. We send out your strongest application first to the lender that you prefer.

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