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Quantum Capital Terms and Conditions

Your use of the Quantum Capital website on every occasion denotes that you accept the terms and conditions that we have laid out on this page. Please note that we, Quantum Capital, may change the contents of this page without prior notice.

You, the user, should accept these terms and conditions before you proceed or use our services.

We provide information on the website that should be taken as a guide only. Certain details may or may not be complete depending on your purpose. However, Quantum Capital does not warrant the preciseness of data and information presented on the website. Therefore, we recommend the visitors, users, or readers to confirm what they may have read with a third-party provider before acting based on the information given on the site.

If you find any third-party product or service details, note that they are only supplied for information purposes. You will need to confirm what has been written with another company or any agency that may be involved.

This website is free to use but should only be treated as a guide or for whatever purpose that may have been stated on that particular page. You are responsible for the use of the site and the information imparted. You must never use the site for illegal purposes or any way that may breach laws, rules, codes, and standards.

From time to time, we may correct or modify certain content on the page for various reasons. These reasons can be of any nature, including typographical errors, omissions, inaccuracies, updates, and others. The changes that we may apply to our pages may be applied without prior notice.

Liability Disclaimer

Great care and adequate time have been given on all the information we provide to ensure reliability. Even so, we provide no warranties or guarantees that may relate to information and statements contained in our site, including our blog posts.

Quantum Capital disclaims responsibilities to the fullest extent possible due to a person or group acting on the statements found on our website. We further assume no obligation or liability to give updates on any report, statement, or document.

The terms and conditions set out on this page shall not be construed to change, restrict, or remove any applicable guarantee to you, the customer, that may apply under the Australian Consumer Law. To be specific, we are pertaining to Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 known as the Consumer Guarantee.

The Consumer Guarantee is not excluded yet Quantum Capital’s liability is only restricted at the company’s sole discretion. Subject to the foregoing, we hold no responsibility to any user of any information on all our pages for any reason.

Prohibited Conduct

We do not allow the following actions, which are viewed as misbehaviour:

  • Transmitting any information to or through this site that breaches laws and protocols or infringes the rights of a third-party group
  • Tampering with the site
  • Hindering our operations for any reason
  • Making unauthorised changes to the website
  • Knowingly sending viruses or disabling elements to the website
  • Removing any proprietary rights or trademarks on the website
  • Using this website without reading and understanding the terms and conditions

Copyright Information

Quantum Capital Australia is subject to copyright. Our blog posts and other types of content on the website may have materials from third parties. We would often link to our sources to let you know where you can find more information. All materials are subject to copyright.

Quantum Capital does not take any responsibility for the use of information found on the blog and other media. We do not allow reproduction, transmission, dissemination, and selling information from our website. An exception is if you have received prior written permission from us, provided that you only use the content for internal or private purposes.

Referencing any products, services, or other pieces of trademarked information does not imply or establish support or endorsement. It also does not mean sponsorship or recommendation from our company. When providing rates, be guided that they are merely for information purposes. Always confirm and do your own research before proceeding with any action.

Except for material available in the public domain, Quantum Capital respects the Australian copyright law. All content that our website contains, including blog posts, information on loan products, HTML code, software, and others, will remain protected under copyright laws of Australia and foreign authorities.

Personal Information and Use

We collect personal information about our visitors. However, these details will only be gathered and stored with the user knowing about the process and voluntarily submitting the needed information. We may need personal information to offer or give you further services. We may also use your details to answer enquiries or requests.

All personal information from our users will only be used for one specific purpose as specified on the form. No other secondary purposes, even one that relates to the first purpose, will be accommodated. An exception is we have disclosed other uses at the time of data collection.

Quantum Capital Services

Quantum Capital makes sure that our website works properly and operates safely for all visitors and users. If there are any problems, we urge you to report the issue right away. However, you are solely responsible for the information you provide us, along with the consequences that may result from the report.

We can, at our discretion, limit or restrict your usage of our services, either temporarily or permanently. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse a user who may want to create or register an account with us.

If you encounter any problems or you have questions that you want to be answered, contact us immediately. We also ask you to reach out to us if you have been having trouble browsing or navigating our website. Quantum Capital takes these concerns seriously. Rest assured that we will address these problems right away.

By accessing our website, you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions herein stated. If you breach any statements set forth on this page, Quantum Capital reserves the right to request you to stop accessing the site.