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Property Investing

In property development, success doesn’t happen overnight. To improve your financial situation, receive heaps of passive income, or enjoy a comfortable retirement, you need a good property investment strategy. So, what makes a sound strategy?

Property investment is a great challenge, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced one. There are many concepts to grasp and data to gather. You need to be constantly updated on the latest news, forecasts, and commentaries from experts to guide you on certain decisions you make. Each choice has the potential to change your life (and finances), so it’s essential to get everything right from the start.

Buying an investment property is easier said than done. There are so many things to consider, including the location of the property. One way for you to know where the money will be is to check expert forecasts. Which specific addresses or neighbourhoods will continue to grow? What about those places that you should avoid?

Not all properties are created equal. That’s why you have to base your decisions on the fundamentals of a successful investment property. Look at the signs of a lucrative suburb and how it will be within a year or so.

This blog contains guides, tips, strategies, and other helpful pieces of information about property investing. Property investors have their particular purpose as they build an investment portfolio. Is it to make money via rent or to flip houses? Armed with more information, you can be more confident as you make crucial property decisions.

A Simple Guide to Buying Commercial Property

Gavin Harrigan from Quantum Capital talking to a customer

There is a common misconception that investing commercial real estate is a practice for business tycoons because it is complex or too expensive.

I am a firm believer that commercial investing is attainable to anyone willing to put in the time to understand the investment variances and learn how to buy commercial property.

In Australia, getting a commercial property loan and buying a commercial property is a helpful way for individuals to generate passive income. Usually, this takes the form of a building that meets specific needs for types of businesses.


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How Mezzanine Financing Works in Property

The advantages of mezzanine financing include the ability for flexible financing, as well as the low probability that an owner will lose ownership or control of a property.

Property investing is a popular and relatively secure way to make a return on your investment. However, there are times when deals fall through, or you prefer not to tie up your assets to start a project.


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How Does a Bridging Loan Work?

A private lender shaking hands with a client after approving a bridging loan.

Updated November 6th, 2023.

A common question clients ask me is how does a bridging loan work?

In reality, there are typically eight steps involved in securing bridging finance in Australia.


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Property Development

Property development is an achievable, extremely lucrative way to diversify and grow your portfolio, if you know what you are doing.

A great deal of attention is focused on the property development sector, and with good reason. Developing property is an excellent way to improve an area while making a healthy return on your investment. Additionally, the construction industry is active. And although the massive housing price increases seen across the country are stabilising, housing is very much in demand.


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Commercial vs Residential Investment Properties

Aerial view of Perth skyline and suburb.

Recently, we have seen a booming seller’s market in Australia. Home prices have reached highs property owners would never dream possible. This, of course, has sparked ongoing concerns about a housing bubble on the verge of bursting.


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Perth Housing Market Forecast for 2023

Street aerial view.

The recent rise in interest rates makes many people in the property industry tense. After years of historically unprecedented price growth across Australia, the increasing rates to combat inflation have tempered prices. This leaves people wondering what to expect for the balance of 2023. 


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